Sphynx Kittens for Sale

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Our NYC based cattery offers beautiful purebred sphynx kittens for sale. If you love the idea of having bold, affectionate “lap cat” that truly cares about you, then you’ll love our sphynx kittens. Kittens are fairly sensitive to their surroundings, it might take them some time to adjust to the new environment, but you can help them out by following certain rules. When you bring your kitten home, choose a quite room in your house and open the door of the carrier, but don’t take kitten out yet, as it takes some time for kitten to feel secure. Once kitten is ready, he will leave a carrier on his own. Place bowls of food and water and litterbox in the same room and while kitten is exploring the room just stay there quietly and offer him attention if needed, show him the location of the litter box. At the first day try to spend several hours with your kitten as he becomes accustomed to you and the new place. Some kittens may bounce back to their selves within hours or less while others could take days, all kittens are different and not all of them respond to unfamiliarity in the same exact way.