Food and Accessories

Food & Accessories

High-Protein is Essential

Because sphynx cats have no hair, they must expend extra energy to maintain their body temperature at 103 F. To fuel that internal furnace, they need a high-protein food with real meat as the first ingredient. One such wet food is Holistic, which has turkey and chicken liver as the first two ingredients. Two dry foods that meet our criteria are Canidae and Wild CatPurina Beyond meets the criteria of “real meat first” in both wet and dry food.

Kittens and nursing queens need special nutrition, so we rely on Royal Canin and Babycat for those little darlings. Our cats all have access to dry food 24/7. We give them wet food as a supplement twice daily.

Cats get used to their food, and changing their food suddenly can wreak havoc on their systems. To get a cat used to a new food, mix a little bit of the new food in with the old for a few days and then increase the amount of the new food. If you do it gradually enough, the cat won’t even realize that anything’s different. Intestinal distress and discomfort can result if you don’t do this, and a cat with diarrhea is not a sight to behold.

Play is Important Too

Have you ever seen a cat spelunk the confines of a paper bag? Well, this paper bag is an extra treat because it is infused with catnip. The best toys, though, are those that challenge your cat while entertaining it. The Senses Circuit is one such example. Use your imagination, too, and create toys you can use to play with your cat.